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Love Love for you

I started out getting to know Arashi though the MV Wish because of Hana Yori Dango.  I remembered my first impression was "Wow they look weird."  But I gradually, I don't really remember how, opened up to this group.  Of all the guys, Nino looked the most normal and cute, so I took an interest.  And he's been my ichiban since.  But I think I've come far since 2006 when I first officially knew of them.

Over the years, I loved and adored Nino.  There's so much respect for him as an artist and an actor.  I didn't realize what he meant when he would only call himself an 'idol'.  I thought he was more than that and he should be recognized for more than that.  But I think after 6+ years of knowing him, I understand now.  His respect for other actors is beyond matured and this is what got me.  He understands and doesn't brags for more, other may call that an underachiever and lazy.  I call that 'Nino'.  My admiration for him has also matured.  I thought Nino could do no wrong.  He's bratty, fun, talented, where can he go wrong?  But I realize that I can also be mad at him, glaring at him for not wanting to achieve more, appear in more movies, or take part in more dramas.  And because I can be mad at him, I value what I think of him more.  I'm not blindly loving him like a crazy fangirl, I'm loving and admiring him for being human.

Ohno, the one that secretly and slowly, but surely found a place in my heart.  Subconsciously, I think Ohno may mean more to me than Nino.  Why? Because he is without jealously, greed, hatred, or ill meaning toward others.  He don't have to be first or up front.  Like the members may have said Ohno have started his own model of Leadership.  This man that did not make much of a 1st impression on me has surely left a lasting footprint in my heart.  He's ordinary but because he is so that he is extraordinary.  The simple things he do are illuminated because he do them in the way only Ohno can do.  I don't think you can find another quite like him, surely this wasn't the path he had in mind but because fate have to have its way, Arashi got Ohno, the other four got their Ridaa, and we got Ohno.  And thank goodness for him.

Sho, our newscaster and scarey cat.  I can only say that I respect him and admire him.  He and Ohno, the Yama pair, are the glue to holding Arashi together.  Ohno, with his kindness, and Sho, with his understanding, makes Arashi feel welcomed and loved.  This man with his manners and Sakurap show great respect for his fellow members.  He constantly reminds everyone that they are FIVE and not a number less.  To me, Sho is considerate and down-to-earth.  He's an idol but he's not afraid to show that he is also human with fears and strengths.  He constantly amazes not only his members but others around him, for wanting to achieve more in a well respected manner that is both inspirational and honorable.  And I thank him for being someone with such grace.

Aiba, oh Aiba.  I smile when I think of him because he's our miracle boy.  He's the Aiba who fell ill and was hospitalized, twice.  He's the Aiba who wrote a teary heartfelt letter to Arashi.  He's the Aiba, the one who genuinely smile and live life as if each day is the last.  His view toward the world is so naive and pure that it's hard not to laugh or judge him.  But when it comes down to it, I wish we were all more like him.  Life is hard, but I can't help but think he is really happy, each and every day.  And the fact that he cries from the bottom of his heart makes me smile more.  Aiba is the friend that each member turn to because he is without judgement or criticism.  I didn't think much back then, but Aiba, you surely are without a doubt more than worthy.

Matsujun, I've come to call him this over the years.  I admit I didn't like him, thought he was too full of himself and that everyone were afraid of him and his DoS.  But this distaste for him have gradually taken a complete 360 degree turn.  I understand him now, his work ethnic, his steady focus, and his respect for others.  He is more than a pretty face, matured beyond his years.  Out all the members, he sincerely thinks and plans for the future of Arashi with the best of intentions.  This man, who I find lacking sometimes, has by far surprised me as an individual, as Matsumoto Jun.  I think it's personally true that when it comes to Jun, you can't judge a book by its covers.  I like the fact that I have slowly come to appreciate him because it isn't love without a few obstacles.

So to Arashi, I sincerely thanked you for being a source of happiness.  Thank you.  From now and forever more, thank you.  I have only love, love for you.

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