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We're meant to be.

According to Popolo 2011.06 - Your perfect Arashi husband and Myojo 2003.03 - Compatibility Test!, my results were both Ohno!

E Type – Ohno Satoshi
A lovely relationship of mutual love
If the thoughtful you were to marry someone like Ohno-kun, it seems your husband would show you a lot of help and care. In the time spent relaxing together, you would become a couple of close mutual-understanding.

D: Ohno Satoshi      Negotiation is not necessary! Let’s have a straightforward relationship
The one you chose is me. I will love and love and love~ (laugh). I mean, I’ll devote myself. I like to please people, so I want to prepare a present that would amaze you. If you’d want me to, I’d draw your portrait. I’d deliberately take about a month to draw it. During that time, I’d keep it a secret from you. And then when I finish I’d surprise you with it. I really want to see your happy, surprised face~ ♪ hehe. And I’ll give you lots of different poses! Eh, is that necessary!? There isn’t anything I particularly ask of you, only that I don’t want you to lie. If you use lies, really, what’s the point? Wouldn’t the trust in the relationship disappear? I don’t lie. Or rather, I can’t lie. I also don’t like bargaining with love… With the person who chose me, let’s have a straightforward relationship without negotiation.

credited to username_hannah for translating.



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